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Palm Oil Products – Customers in focus


Sustainably sourced palm oil is becoming increasingly more commonplace in palm oil products. It’s our aim for every producer of palm oil products to eventually be using 100% sustainably sourced palm oil. We’ve put together a list of companies who produce fantastic palm oil products.

Herrco Cosmetics is a bespoke cosmetics manufacturer. Their company philosophy is firmly rooted in utilising natural, active botanical and organic ingredients in all of their palm oil products. They’re committed to developing environmentally responsibility through their supply chain.

Nutrition et Santé produce, develop and sell natural, healthy branded food palm oil products. They see sustainably sourced palm oil as an opportunity to foster progress and well-being for all.

Marks & Spencer were the first retailer to buy GreenPalm certificates for use in all their palm oil products. By 2015 they aim to use 100% sustainable palm oil.

Seventh Generation are commited to becoming the world’s most trusted producer of safe, authentic and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home. Their palm oil products include household cleaners, disinfectants, detergents and more.

Levo are a family owned business who produce margarines, oils, and sauces. They feel that the GreenPalm programme fits perfectly with their philosophy of supporting environmentally friendly development.

Nice-Pak International are the first wet wipe manufacturer to show their support for sustainable palm oil production.

Oriflame are one of the first major cosmetics brands to fund sustainable palm oil production by purchasing GreenPalm certificates. What’s fantastic is this covers 100% of the company’s total palm oil consumption.

These companies are just a small handful of those supporting sustainable palm oil production in their palm oil products. Many companies have recently come out stating they plan to support sustainable palm oil completely over the next few years. There’s still a way to go in raising awareness of sustainable palm oil production, but it’s clear that we’re slowly getting there!

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Palm Oil Products – Retail and food industry improving palm oil sourcing

The World Wildlife Fund revealed this week that food companies and supermarkets have improved how they source palm oil for use in palm oil products significantly since 2009. The improvement however isn’t fast enough to prevent further environmental damage. On Tuesday the WWF published a Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard which rated 132 companies, most of which were from Europe. 29 of these received full marks with 15 of them being from the UK, including major companies such as Waitros, Cadbury and Boots.

The WWF has said although palm oil is used in a vast range of foods and toiletries, many palm oil products keep it hidden and label it as “vegetable oil/fat” on the ingredients. With a vast array of different palm oil products such as ice cream, bread, soap and shampoo – it’s important consumers realise which products contain palm oil and purchase them knowing this palm oil has been sourced sustainably.

Palm Oil expert Adam Harrison of WWF UK stated “Although there has been some progress on sustainable palm oil, new commitments are simply not translating fast enough into increased use of certified sustainable palm oil.”

What’s worrying is that in the major palm oil producing regions of Indonesia and Malaysia it’s said that almost one third of their entire forest loss in the past 10 years has been from palm oil production. The consumption of palm oil however is actually growing. With a current usage of 50 million tonnes a year the WWF have predicted that this number will increase to 77 million by only 2050 with that number possible to increase if palm oil’s demand as a biofuel also increases.

It’s extremely important that we continue to raise awareness and support sustainable palm oil for use in palm oil products worldwide. If you’d like to find out more about the various palm oil products or palm oil in general visit –

Palm Oil Products: Top 5

As we’ve already discussed there are a huge range of palm oil products. Be it in cakes, fats, soaps, candles or greases – palm oil is one of the most diverse vegetable oils available. Palm oil products are used in a variety of environments, such as in the kitchen at home or professionally.

But what are our top 5 food palm oil products? All of the below are manufacturers who are either using entirely sustainable palm oil solutions in their products, or guarantee to do so within the next few years –

  • Cadbury – although only a small palm oil user, it’s present in their chocolate such as dairy milk (our favourite!) By 2014 the company will use a supply of sustainable palm oil.
  • Young’s – by 2015 Young’s will only use sustainable palm oil in their battered fish. Our favourite are the extra large cod fillets.
  • Haribo – by 2012 the sweets manufacturer will source sustainable palm oil. Our favourite are the classic starmix.
  • Goodfella’s Pizza – by 2012 the company hopes to use 100% sustainable palm oil. We like to keep things simple with the thin margherita.
  • Warburtons – palm oil accounts for 15-20% of the vegetable oil the bread maker uses, however they guarantee to rely on 100% sustainable palm oil by 2011. Warburtons thick white toastie is our favourite.
As you can see there are many palm oil products from major food brands, including some of our favourites! If you’d like to know more about palm oil products, or simply want to find out more information about sustainable palm oil, visit –

Palm Oil Products & Uses

On a daily basis we’re using a variety of palm oil products without probably even realising it. It’s one of the most widely used organic oils available, which is why it’s becoming increasingly important that all palm oil production is sustainable. In this blog post we’ll explore the wide range of palm oil uses and also look into just which products contain palm oil.

If asked about palm oil uses, most people will answer straight away with in cooking. Palm oil is a well known cooking oil thanks to it’s ability to resist high temperatures it’s ideal for frying french fries, potatoes, pies and doughnuts. What many people probably don’t realise is that there are many other palm oil products within cooking and food – palm oil is used in cakes, fats, margarines, condensed milk, and sauces. The reason for these palm oil uses is thanks to it’s consistency and appealing appearance.

One of the palm oil uses which isn’t as well known is actually as a biodiesel car fuel. Columbia have gone as far as pledging to create biodiesel fuel by mixing both palm oil and diesel. Palm oil can be environmentally friendly if produced in a sustainable way, and also has more advantages than standard car fuels e.g petrol.

Other non-edible palm oil products:

  • candles
  • printing inks
  • biodiesel
  • glue
  • cosmetics
  • greases
  • soaps

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