Palm Oil Products & Uses

On a daily basis we’re using a variety of palm oil products without probably even realising it. It’s one of the most widely used organic oils available, which is why it’s becoming increasingly important that all palm oil production is sustainable. In this blog post we’ll explore the wide range of palm oil uses and also look into just which products contain palm oil.

If asked about palm oil uses, most people will answer straight away with in cooking. Palm oil is a well known cooking oil thanks to it’s ability to resist high temperatures it’s ideal for frying french fries, potatoes, pies and doughnuts. What many people probably don’t realise is that there are many other palm oil products within cooking and food – palm oil is used in cakes, fats, margarines, condensed milk, and sauces. The reason for these palm oil uses is thanks to it’s consistency and appealing appearance.

One of the palm oil uses which isn’t as well known is actually as a biodiesel car fuel. Columbia have gone as far as pledging to create biodiesel fuel by mixing both palm oil and diesel. Palm oil can be environmentally friendly if produced in a sustainable way, and also has more advantages than standard car fuels e.g petrol.

Other non-edible palm oil products:

  • candles
  • printing inks
  • biodiesel
  • glue
  • cosmetics
  • greases
  • soaps

To find out about more palm oil uses and palm oil products visit –


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