Palm Oil Products: Top 5

As we’ve already discussed there are a huge range of palm oil products. Be it in cakes, fats, soaps, candles or greases – palm oil is one of the most diverse vegetable oils available. Palm oil products are used in a variety of environments, such as in the kitchen at home or professionally.

But what are our top 5 food palm oil products? All of the below are manufacturers who are either using entirely sustainable palm oil solutions in their products, or guarantee to do so within the next few years –

  • Cadbury – although only a small palm oil user, it’s present in their chocolate such as dairy milk (our favourite!) By 2014 the company will use a supply of sustainable palm oil.
  • Young’s – by 2015 Young’s will only use sustainable palm oil in their battered fish. Our favourite are the extra large cod fillets.
  • Haribo – by 2012 the sweets manufacturer will source sustainable palm oil. Our favourite are the classic starmix.
  • Goodfella’s Pizza – by 2012 the company hopes to use 100% sustainable palm oil. We like to keep things simple with the thin margherita.
  • Warburtons – palm oil accounts for 15-20% of the vegetable oil the bread maker uses, however they guarantee to rely on 100% sustainable palm oil by 2011. Warburtons thick white toastie is our favourite.
As you can see there are many palm oil products from major food brands, including some of our favourites! If you’d like to know more about palm oil products, or simply want to find out more information about sustainable palm oil, visit –

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