Palm Oil Products – Customers in focus


Sustainably sourced palm oil is becoming increasingly more commonplace in palm oil products. It’s our aim for every producer of palm oil products to eventually be using 100% sustainably sourced palm oil. We’ve put together a list of companies who produce fantastic palm oil products.

Herrco Cosmetics is a bespoke cosmetics manufacturer. Their company philosophy is firmly rooted in utilising natural, active botanical and organic ingredients in all of their palm oil products. They’re committed to developing environmentally responsibility through their supply chain.

Nutrition et Santé produce, develop and sell natural, healthy branded food palm oil products. They see sustainably sourced palm oil as an opportunity to foster progress and well-being for all.

Marks & Spencer were the first retailer to buy GreenPalm certificates for use in all their palm oil products. By 2015 they aim to use 100% sustainable palm oil.

Seventh Generation are commited to becoming the world’s most trusted producer of safe, authentic and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home. Their palm oil products include household cleaners, disinfectants, detergents and more.

Levo are a family owned business who produce margarines, oils, and sauces. They feel that the GreenPalm programme fits perfectly with their philosophy of supporting environmentally friendly development.

Nice-Pak International are the first wet wipe manufacturer to show their support for sustainable palm oil production.

Oriflame are one of the first major cosmetics brands to fund sustainable palm oil production by purchasing GreenPalm certificates. What’s fantastic is this covers 100% of the company’s total palm oil consumption.

These companies are just a small handful of those supporting sustainable palm oil production in their palm oil products. Many companies have recently come out stating they plan to support sustainable palm oil completely over the next few years. There’s still a way to go in raising awareness of sustainable palm oil production, but it’s clear that we’re slowly getting there!

If you’d like more information about palm oil products or sustainable palm oil visit –


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