European Commission approves sustainable palm oil scheme

Last week news was published that the European Commission has approved a scheme from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil which will allow palm oil producers licensed by the RSPO to qualify for subsidies.

This decision has been met with controversy from a range of individuals including Robbie Blake, biofuels campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. Robbie said “Palm oil is driving deforestation, wildlife loss, community conflicts, and accelerating climate change. Instead of greenwashing palm oil, the EU should outright ban its use as a biofuel.”

What do you all think of the European Commission’s decision? Personally we think it’s a great step forward to acknowledge the potential of sustainably produced palm oil. Although many forms of palm oil production can be incredibly damaging to the environment, we feel that sustainable palm oil production is solution. There is such a vast range of palm oil products on the market now that production of the oil is incredibly important. Not only that but many countries economies are so dependent on the commodity.

Pushing sustainable palm oil forward is essential if we want to continue producing the oil. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the announcement. Do you feel that it’s a wrong move? Do you think the correct solution lies elsewhere? We want to hear your feedback!



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